Text Fine Tuning Guidance

Text Fine Tuning Guidance

Helix uses the Mistral series of large language models to provide high quality responses with relatively small memory GPU footprint, including fine-tuning teach the model new information or styles of reasoning and presenting information.

Data Best Practices

  • Your data must answer the question
  • More data is better
  • Only include data that is relevant to your problem

Use Case Best Practices

Question Answering

  • Format training data as question-answer pairs
  • Ensure your training data includes questions similar to downstream tasks
  • Ensure question answer pairs have good “coverage” of your problem domain

Inference Best Practices

  • Imagine yourself performing the task or answering the question
  • If you need to ask questions, then you haven’t provided enough context
  • If you are asking questions about a thing, indicate what the thing is

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