Helm Chart - Helix runner on k8s

Helm Chart - Helix runner on k8s

Install the runner

Once you have the control-plane running, install the runner with the following command:

helm upgrade --install helix-runner \
  ./helix-runner -f helix-runner/values.yaml \
  -f helix-runner/values-example.yaml

Install from repository

helm repo add helix https://charts.helix.ml 
helm repo update

Then, install the runner:

helm upgrade --install helix-3090-runner helix/helix-runner \
  --set runner.host="<host>" \
  --set runner.token="<token>" \
  --set runner.memory=24GB \
  --set replicaCount=4 \
  --set nodeSelector."nvidia\.com/gpu\.product"="NVIDIA-GeForce-RTX-3090-Ti"
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