Text Fine-Tuning

Helix uses the Mistral series of large language models to provide high quality responses with relatively small memory GPU footprint, including fine-tuning teach the model new information or styles of reasoning and presenting information.

Now let’s fine tune a text model

  1. Click “Finetune” and select “Text”.
  2. Now choose your data source. For example, you can pick a recent paper from https://arxiv.org/ on a subject that’s interesting to you (click the “recent” link to find something the base model definitely won’t know about).
  3. For example, paste a PDF link into the “add URL” field. You can also paste in plain text or drag and drop documents (pdf, docx) into the file upload form.
  4. Click next, then it will generate question-answer pairs from the document that are used to train the model. Accept the default question-answer pairs and it will train the model. This will take about 10 minutes.
  5. Come back when it’s finished and then try talking to the chatbot.

Share your results with your friends with the “Share” button or on our Discord!

If you find yourself stuck in the queue for a long time, you can upgrade to a paid account to jump the queue, or deploy Helix on your own infrastructure.

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