Text Inference

Helix offers a variety of large language models tailored for different needs, all designed to provide high-quality responses with a relatively small GPU memory footprint. These include:

  • Helix 3.5: Utilizes Llama3-8B for fast and efficient performance, ideal for everyday tasks.
  • Helix 4: Powered by Llama3-70B, this model offers deeper insights and although a bit slower, it’s smarter for complex queries.
  • Helix Code: Features CodeLlama-70B from Meta, which excels in programming and coding tasks, surpassing the capabilities of GPT-4 in software development contexts.
  • Helix JSON: Operates on Nous Hermes 2 Pro 7B, specialized for function calling and generating JSON outputs, enhancing automation and integration tasks.
  • Helix Small: A smaller model based on Phi-3 Mini 3.8B, fast and memory efficent.

Try chatting to the chatbot

Log in at app.tryhelix.ai.

Choose the model you would like to chat with using the dropdown in the toolbar. Let’s start with Helix 3.5.

Now we’ll hit one of the example prompts to get started. “Compose a email regarding project timeline adjustments to a client, explaining the reasons, impacts, and the revised timelines”.

The model will generate a response based on the prompt provided. You can continue the conversation by adding more prompts or questions.

Share your results with your friends with the “Share” button or on our Discord!

If you find yourself stuck in the queue for a long time, you can upgrade to a paid account to jump the queue, or deploy Helix on your own infrastructure.

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