This page introduces Bots in SearchBot, explains what they are and discusses their use.


What are Bots in SearchBot?

Bots represent the intelligent search agents that your users will interact with. When you create one, it pulls in information from websites and feeds that to a sophisticated language model. This model is then exposed via an API, which is then called by your users.

All of this functionality is encapsulated in the SearchBot application and companion search widget.

Creating a Bot

To create a Bot, navigate to the Bots page in SearchBot, then click Add Bot.

Bot list fields

The following table describes the fields when listing Bots.

BotsThe websites that are being tracked by this bot. Click on it to learn more.
StateThe state of the Bot (“Unknown”, “Created”, “Started”, “Finished”).
StatusThe status of the Bot (“Unknown”, “Running”, “Succeeded”, “Failed”).
ProgressA depiction of the progress of the Bot.
Created AtThe time the Bot was created.

Deleting a Bot

To delete a Bot, press the button on the far right of the list of Bots.

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